Ceiling Mounted Self Contained Air Cleaners

Features the Coanda 4-way airflow pattern

This unique four-way method of air recirculation maximizes the amount of contaminated air reaching the air cleaner. Once at the air cleaner, the contaminated air particles are collected through “electrostatic precipitation” (the charging of particles to be collected with the primary washable cell). This provides high-efficiency air cleaning and reduced overall maintenance costs with an environmentally friendly air cleaning solution.

The air cleaners also all come with :

  • Adjustable louvers allow airflow refinement.
  • Totally self-contained air cleaner
  • Ultimate ‘flush with ceiling’ mounted workhorse
  • Features industrial-rated electronic filtration cell


Since prices can change substantially based on quantity required, please contact us for a quotation on this product.

Small items are quoted including freight to Miami and will be shipped to your websource or similar service for you to ship to Trinidad.

Larger items / quantities will be quoted including freight to Point Lisas / Port of Spain ports in Trinidad.  (CIF Trinidad)


Whether you’re addressing air quality in a laboratory, office space, light manufacturing environment, or a casino; you need a solution that delivers highly efficient air cleaning.

We have an ideal air cleaner for mounting to solid ceilings to capture both particulate and gaseous contaminants, removal of odors,  smoke, as well as pollen, dust, vapors and many other irritants.



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