CTS-M5160 Carbon Monoxide Detector

CTS-M5160 is a microprocessor based transmitter that detects carbon monoxide and activates relays when the set concentration is met. The CTS-M5160 can be set for rising or falling carbon monoxide levels.

  • Attaches to a standard 2” x 4” electrical box.
  • Programmable delay (0 – 60 minutes in 5 minute increments).
  • Input Power: 24V.
  • Sensor Type: Electromechanical.
  • Sensor Life: 2 – 3 years.
  • Relay: Two, SPDT, 1 amp dry contact.

Build Time: 

3 to 5 weeks

All items to be picked up at the South Aranguez location when notified.


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