Mobile Self Contained Air Purifiers

  • Maintains healthy, clean air environment for those with allergies, sensitivities and respiratory ailments with proven high-efficiency electronic removal of dust, pollens, smoke and other airborne particles. (Exceeds 99.3% efficiency to the latest test standard (ASHRAE 52.2) for E 3. True HEPA Filters can clean and sanitize the air and remove harmful and deadly particles like asbestos, pesticides and even all variants of the COVID-19 virus
  • These air cleaners can even filter gases and odours using its carbon filters.
  • At a range of 35-64 dB, its quieter than the average standing fan!
  • It’s also completely portable with heavy duty casters that easily roll over any surface.
  • Perfect for newborns, elders and immune-compromised people who may be at risk from airborne particles.


Since prices can change substantially based on quantity required, please contact us for a quotation on this product.

Small items are quoted including freight to Miami and will be shipped to your websource or similar service for you to ship to Trinidad.

Larger items / quantities will be quoted including freight to Point Lisas / Port of Spain ports in Trinidad.  (CIF Trinidad)


For people with allergies, chemical sensitivities,
and respiratory ailments that means clean, healthy,
breathable air and minimized exposure to allergens and
pollutants that can cause discomfort



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