Fabric Ducting

Fabric Ducting products are Quick, Quiet and are top Quality!

Quick Installation. – Fabric duct is quicker to install than metal ducts, reducing your labor costs by 30% to 60%.

Quick Maintenance. – Fabric ducts can be quickly taken down and washed, making it easy to maintain their appearance and performance.

Quiet Operation. – Fabric duct reduces the noise factors of a typical metal/spiral duct system, as it does not transmit the hiss and rumble of the fan. No grates to rattle!

Quiet Environment. – Room noise is reduced as the soft surface of the fabric duct absorbs, rather than reflects, the sound around it.

Quality Performance. – Each Fabric duct system is engineered to your specific requirements, providing the specified performance that guarantees your satisfaction and comes with one of the strongest warranties in the industry!

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